Acharya Solutions – India’s 1st Faculty Evaluation Platform (FEP)

Acharya Solutions is India’s first Faculty Evaluation Platform (FEP) targeted at understanding teachers’ knowledge & skills in order to take actionable steps for improvement & Learning.

India faces a major challenge, while school enrolment is nearly universal at primary level, study after study shows that children are failing to meet grade-level learning outcomes. Teachers have a greatest impact on the student learning outcomes. It has also been recognised that quality among practising teachers can be improved through more effective teacher evaluation.

Faculty evaluation is a continuous process to understand teachers’ knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to take actionable steps for teaching and learning improvement.

Acharya Solution gives you the ability to schedule and complete evaluations quickly and effectively. Real breakthrough comes with integration of both the staff performance and professional development processes on a single platform for all users.

Solution is a web & mobile platform which automates the current manual process and provides an avenue for teachers for professional growth.

Solution features

  1. 360 degree feedback for teachers
  2. Continuous Evaluation Process
  3. FREE Faculty Assessment Report
  4. Access to Professional Learning Resources

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